Rules & Regulations


1. The following rules have been prescribed to ensure equal fairness for all competitors and participants in The Barrie Kiwanis Music Festival, which is hereinafter called "The Festival". The Barrie Kiwanis Music Festival shall be under the management of a Board of Directors, which is hereinafter called "The Board."

2. Submitting an entry to the Festival constitutes acknowledgement that you have read, understood and agree to adhere to the rules and regulations as outlined. All matters not dealt with in these rules shall be referred to The Board, whose decision on such matters shall be final and binding on all concerned.

General Rules and Regulations

3. It is the responsibility of every competitor and / or Parent / Guardian and / or Teacher to ensure that they read and comply with the Rules and Regulations governing The Festival.

4. By submitting an entry, competitors consent, without any monetary gain and in perpetuity, to the publication of their name, photograph or image, performance time, placement and result standings in the Festival. Said information will be used for Festival purposes only; Festival social media sites; Festival website; printed literature and publicity material press releases. By submitting the registration form, the competitor, agrees to receive electronic communications from The Festival.

Entries and Entry Fees

5. It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure the eligibility of the class and repertoire. It is not the responsibility of The Board to do so. Acceptance of the registration form and / or entry fees by The Board, does not automatically ensure accuracy or eligibility. Competitors who enter an incorrect class or section may be disqualified from consideration for Scholarships.

6. The official syllabus may be obtained through our website at: Registration is completed through an online format that is integrated into the syllabus. All sections of the online registration form must be completed accurately and fully. Incomplete entries will not be processed.

7. The Board shall fix the date by which entries and entry fees must be received. All entries received after such date cannot be accepted. Entry deadlines and other relevant dates for each year's Festival are available in the 'Festival at a Glance' document on the website.

8. Entries, along with all fees and application materials must be received by The Festival no later than the above deadline. No late entries will be considered.

9. Entry fees are to be paid electronically. Following the completion of a registration online, the prescribed fee must be paid through e-transfer, to: (Please indicate invoice # and the competitor's full name(s) in the message section of the e-transfer). Payment in full must be completed for registration to be considered. The Board must receive full payment within two [2] days of registering, or the entry form(s) will be voided.

10. The Board is not responsible for incomplete entries, lack of payment or for last minute entries that encounter Internet problems.

11. The Board is not responsible for missed performances and no refunds will be given for missed performances. By submitting an entry, competitors agree to perform at the time(s) scheduled or forfeit their performance(s) and entry fee(s).

12. Entry fees will not be refunded, except where the entry is rejected by The Board.

13. Competitors are to notify The Festival Office of any change of personal information following submission of the entry form.

14. Competitors who wish to withdraw must notify The Festival Office, as early as possible, and will not have their fees refunded.

Programme Procedures

15. Classes may be subdivided or combined at the discretion of The Board.

16. The Board reserves the right to cancel any discipline that has insufficient entries.

17. The Board reserves the right to refuse any registration form.


18. All classes shall be open to residents of Ontario.

19. All classes, unless otherwise specified, shall be open to amateurs only.

20. No student of an adjudicator may compete in The Festival.

21. Where age limits are specified, participants must be of the prescribed age on December 31st of the previous year. Competitors must state their age on the online registration form.

22. Competitors who have taken an RCM or Conservatory Canada exam in the preceding year are not eligible to enter that grade level in the current festival year.


23. Repertoire for graded or Conservatory classes must be chosen from the current Syllabus of either Conservatory Canada or the Royal Conservatory of Music [RCM]. Competitors may perform a combination of repertoire from either Conservatory. Note that 'Current Syllabus' means any Syllabus currently being accepted by the applicable Conservatory, for examinations, at the time of the Festival. For example, the RCM is accepting either the 2015 or 2022 Piano Syllabus for exam selections up until August 2023. Therefore, both will be accepted at the 2023 Barrie Kiwanis Music Festival, taking place in April 2023.

24. It is the responsibility of every competitor to ensure that they have read and comply with the current Syllabus. This includes attention to details such as treatment of repeat signs.

Performance and Participation

28. No rehearsing is permitted on stage.

29. Time limits, where indicated, will be strictly enforced.

30. No selections may be performed in more than one class by the same competitor, with the exception of the Special Competition classes. Competitors may enter the selections they plan to perform in the Aria Competition or Jazz Competition in a regular Festival class in order to receive feedback prior to the Special Competition class performance.

31. Repertoire performed in any previous Festival cannot be entered in the present year's Festival

32. All selections must be at the competitor's current level of study, unless otherwise specified. Current level of study must be stated on the registration form. If no Conservatory examination has been taken in the year prior to the Festival, the teacher must assign a level, based on their estimation to existing Conservatory grade levels.

33. Competitors may move up into one grade level category higher than declared but may not move down into a lower grade level category.


37. The Board reserves the right to substitute or appoint additional adjudicators.

38. An Adjudicator is not permitted to enter into any discussion or correspondence with competitors or others concerning performance or decision prior to, during, or after The Festival. Any infraction of this rule could disqualify the performer.

39. At no time are competitors, parents or others permitted to enter into any discussion or correspondence with the Adjudicator(s).

40. Recording of the adjudicator, by any method, is prohibited.


41. Cell phones/smart watches must be turned off or in silent mode.

42. Flash photography during the Festival is prohibited.

43. Recording of the Adjudicator, by any method, is prohibited.

Standard of Performance

44. All performances will be adjudicated in accordance with the following performance set of standards:
Diamond (92% - 100%)
Emerald (89% - 91%)
Gold (85% - 88%)
Silver (80% - 84%)
Bronze (75% - 79%)
Certificate of Merit (74% - or lower).


45. Outstanding Performer Scholarships will be awarded in all disciplines and at multiple levels within each discipline. Each will be awarded to the participant earning the top overall marks according to the criteria below:

46. Competitors in Classical Piano must enter a minimum of three [3] solo classes within this discipline (please note that Popular Piano is its own discipline) and receive a rating of Gold or higher in each class to be considered.

47. Competitors in all other solo disciplines must enter a minimum of two [2] solo classes within one discipline and receive a rating of Gold or higher in each, to be considered. Note that Classical Voice, Musical Theatre and Popular Voice are all separate disciplines, as are Classical Guitar and Popular Guitar.

48. Outstanding Performer Scholarships will be determined by averaging the top qualifying marks (based on the required number of entries for each discipline). In the event of a tie, the adjudicator will have the final decision.

49. Additional scholarships (beyond Outstanding Performer) will be awarded solely at the recommendation of the adjudicator and in compliance with donor requirements. All scholarship availability in any given Festival year is dependent upon the generous contributions of our donors. Please see our Scholarship Donations page for more specific information about this year's scholarship, or to learn how to donate.

50. Eligibility for scholarships will be restricted to those who reside or study with a music teacher in the City of Barrie or Simcoe County.

Provincial Competition

51. The Festival is a member of the Ontario Music Festivals Association (OMFA) which holds a Provincial competition in June. At the recommendation of the Adjudicator, up to three competitors per category may be selected if a minimum mark of 85 is achieved.

Complaints and Protest

52. All concerns or protests must be submitted, within 48 hours, to The Festival Office. The complaint must be accompanied by a fee equivalent to the entry fee of the protested class. If a protest is sustained, the fee will be refunded. Such complaints and protests are not to be discussed with the Adjudicator. The decision of The Board is final and binding on all involved.