1) Where do I find information about the Festival, including the Syllabus?

Here is a link to the Festival Website, which has all of the information: barriemusicfestival.com/barrie-kiwanis-music-festival

Here is a link directly to the syllabus: barriemusicfestival.com/barrie-kiwanis-music-festival/syllabus

2) What will I need to register?

A: Please ensure you have the following ready before beginning the registration process
1) The name of the class(es) to be entered (check with your teacher)
2) The title, composer and exact length of the piece(s) being entered. Please time the pieces being played by the performer. Don't take the length from the sheet music itself as tempos vary.
3) Teacher's name and email

3) How do I register for the Barrie Kiwanis Music Festival?

A: You can go to the barriemusicfestival.com website, hover over the Barrie Kiwanis Music Festival link in the top right corner, and choose Syllabus from the options (or just click directly on the syllabus link at the top of this document).
1) Once the syllabus is open, click on the corresponding graphic for the discipline you are registering for.
2) Once in the discipline, you will see all of the available classes. Find the first class you would like to register for and to the right of its name, you will find the 'Register' link.
3) Clicking the link will lead you through the registration process, beginning with creating your parent account and linking your child to your account.
4) Once you've completed the process for the first class, you can return to a list of classes within that discipline, or go back to the syllabus to add more. You will only need to create the account once.
5) If you have multiple musicians to register, you have the opportunity to link additional children to your account.
6) There must be a separate registration for each class entered, but they can all accumulate in one 'cart'.

4) How do I pay?

A: Payments are by e-transfer only. At the end of the registration process, you will be given information about where to send your e-transfer. It will also be available on the invoice that will be generated at the conclusion of your registration. Registration is not considered complete until payment in full, by e-transfer, is also completed. Full payment must be received within three [3] days of registering or the entry form(s) will be voided. Please include your invoice number and the competitor's full name in the notes section of the e-transfer.

The Board cannot be responsible for incomplete entries, lack of payment or for last minute entries that encounter internet problems. Late entries will not be accepted.

5) What do I do if I am experiencing difficulty registering?

A: Please don't hesitate to reach out to the Festival Director at the following email address should you be having any issues with the registration process: festivaldirectorbkmf@gmail.com

We do encourage you to start the registration process early so that if there are any questions or issues, you have time to reach out and get the assistance that you need.

6) Can my registration fees be refunded?

A: Once a registration is submitted, fees are non-refundable, except where the entry is rejected by the Board.

7) I missed the registration deadline. Can I sill register?

A: No. The deadline is final. When registration closes, timings will be finalized for scheduling performances and the adjudicators time. It won't be possible to add additional entries.

8) How do I register and pay for multiple classes?

A: As you are completing the registration process, you can return to the list of classes or directly back to the syllabus and continue choosing additional classes. They will continue to accumulate in your cart. You can also add additional participants and select classes for them. When you check-out, your cart total will reflect the total owing for all classes entered. You can submit one e-transfer to cover the full amount reflected on your invoice.

9) Can I enter a selection at a higher level than declared?

A: All selections must be at the competitor's current level of study, unless otherwise specified. Current level of study MUST be shown on the registration form. Competitors may enter only one class at a higher level than declared. If no Conservatory examination has been taken the year prior to the Festival, the teacher must assign a level, based on their estimation to existing Conservatory grades.

10) What are the accompaniment requirements?

A: Accompaniment is required for all pieces performed (with the exception of pieces written specifically as unaccompanied / a cappella works). The type of accompaniment required varies by discipline. Here is a summary:
Classical Voice - Live Accompaniment
Musical Theatre - Live Accompaniment
Classical Guitar - Live Accompaniment
Strings - Live Accompaniment
Brass and Woodwind - Live Accompaniment for Conservatory selections, recorded tracks may be used for Popular selections, but may only utilize piano (no other instruments)
Popular Voice - can include live piano or pre-recorded backtracks, but may only utilize piano (no other instruments or background vocals)
Popular Voice, Self-Accompanied - must include accompaniment performed by the singer on any of acoustic piano, keyboard, guitar or ukulele.
Popular Guitar - can include live piano or pre-recorded backtracks, but may only utilize piano (no other instruments)
Choirs - live accompaniment is encouraged, but where necessary, pre-recorded backtracks may be used.

For all disciplines, where pre-recorded tracks are used, they can be recorded by an accompanist specifically for your group, or MUST be legally purchased. Tracks can be purchased from www.karaoke-version.com. Please include the receipt for purchase when the audio track is submitted onsite at the Festival.

11) What are the preFestival Winter Workshops and how do I participate?

A: preFestival Winter workshops will be offered mid-February to mid-March in the disciplines of Piano (divided into Jr. and Sr.), Strings, Classical Voice and Musical Theatre. They will give students an opportunity to have an opportunity to play and then work on a piece or portions of pieces they are preparing for the Festival, in order to receive feedback that will guide them in making improvements prior to their participation in the Festival. A deadline will be set each year and all students who have registered for the Barrie Kiwanis Music Festival by that deadline will be eligible to participate. Links for workshop registration will be sent out by email, to all who have registered by the deadline with an approximately 10 day window to register for the workshops. Participation will be limited by the time available and registrations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Attached below is a flyer and a PDF with more information about the workshop series.

12) What are the Special Competition Classes and how do I participate?

A: We are thrilled to be partnering with other Performing Arts organizations in Barrie to provide opportunities and connections for students participating in the Barrie Kiwanis Music Festival. Our Aria Competition (open to all Classical Voice participants) and Jazz Competition (open to all instruments and voices) will allow the winners to perform with the King Edward Choir and the Skyliners Big Band. We encourage all of our students to prepare a piece to participate in one of these great opportunities! For more details, go to this section of the syllabus:


13) What are the Level-UP Piano Workshops

A: Level-UP Piano Workshops will provide the opportunity for some of our outstanding Junior Piano students to participate in a workshop with our Intermediate Adjudicator, during the Intermediate Piano week (which is the week following Junior week) as well as the opportunity for some of our outstanding Intermediate Piano students to participate in a workshop with our Senior Adjudicator during the Senior Piano week (which is the week following Intermediate week). Each of these workshops will allow the students to perform a piece from the Festival to get additional feedback and encouragement from an additional adjudicator to help them excel and bring their performance to the next level! Participants for each workshop will be chosen by the adjudicator and students will be notified at the end of their Festival week.

14) What is the Rose Bowl?

A: The Barrie Kiwanis Music Festival holds 2 final competitions at the end of the Festival each year. These are the Joyce Langford Memorial Senior Rose Bowl (for levels 9 and above) and the Bruce Owen Memorial Junior Rose Bowl (for levels 7 & 8). These events are held concurrently and will see the top performers in each discipline, throughout the course of the Festival, compete against each other, before a panel of judges, to earn Top Musician of the Festival recognition and scholarship.

Scholarships awarded to other students throughout the Festival will also be presented at this event. Please see our Festival at a Glance document on the website for details about this year's date.

15) What is the Spirit of Music Showcase?

A: The Spirit of Music Showcase is the most important event of the Barrie Kiwanis Music Festival as it is a GRAND CELEBRATION of music and our amazing students! It is the final concert of the Festival and will feature performers of all ages and stages and across all disciplines. Please mark your calendar now to ensure you can join us for this fabulous musical event! For more details on date and time for this year's Spirit of Music Showcase concert, please see our 'Festival at a Glance' document on the website.

Parents and participants are responsible for ensuring they are familiar with all Rules and Regulations of the Festival prior to submitting an entry.