#musicmattersforkids Fundraising Campaign

#musicmattersforkids is a fundraising campaign being organized by the Barrie Music Festival Association – a non-profit, charitable organziation.  Our mission is to create performance opportunities for amateur artists in the Barrie area.  We currently operate 3 annual events: Barrie Music Festival, Festival of High School Musicals and Dramas, & Music in the Mall.

The Arts are disappearing from our kids lives at an alarming rate.  According to the Globe and Mail, in 2013, elementary schools saw a dramatic drop in the availability of music education in their school boards.  Compared with the late 1990s, where 58% of elementary schools had specialist music teachers, there are now just 44% of schools offering this opportunity.  32% of elementary schools have no music teacher available at all.   At a time where creativity is considered to be one of the most important skills students can posses as they enter the workforce, it is being cut back.  While private lessons are an acceptable substitution for public schooling in this regard, it creates an inequality amongst the students based on whose parents can afford the private lessons.  Arts education in the schools supports individual achievement, goal setting, communication and teamwork – all of which are essential life skills.

It is essential that the work of the Barrie Music Festival Association continues.  We offer low-cost and free performance opportunities where students from both private studios and public schools can come and learn in an engaging, non-threatening environment with their peers.  They receive workshops from current artists in their field and have the experience of pushing themselves to prepare for the performance and the exhilaration of achievement.

Look around on our website to see more pictures of our children in action – learning, performing, and having fun!  And like us on Facebook (@barriemusicfestival) to see what else we’ve been doing during the summer months to help achieve our mission.

Consider supporting the Barrie Music Festival Association in their vital work – #musicmattersforkids!

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