History of the Barrie Dance Workshop

In the summer of 2014, Katie Pergau (current Executive Director) and the Board of the Barrie Music Festival Association were discussing other ways that it could live out its mission statement – “to create performing opportunities for young artists in the Barrie area”. One area that has never been explored by this organization is Dance.

After conversations with both local studio teachers and local school teachers, it came to light that there is an opportunity for many students to access teaching talent from outside of Barrie to expand their learning environment.  This link has now become the Barrie Dance Workshop.

Held in February in Barrie, this Festival provides local dance studios and public schools the chance for their students to work with a highly qualified and relevant clinician. The workshop for 2016 is Ballet and is being offered at an intermediate and advanced level.

This Festival is just one more way that the Barrie Music Festival Association is living out its mandate.